Panic Attack & Anxiety Help 

Private Sessions… and Panic & Anxiety Support Groups – Day & Night In East Islip

It takes someone who has overcome panic attacks to truly understand how you’re feeling.  


Waking up in a cold sweat, not being able to breathe and thinking “I must be having a heart attack! Calling 911… getting taken in the ambulance… given nitroglycerin and now thinking “What if I’m not having a heart attack? What’s happening to me? I can’t breathe.”

That was years ago, but never forgotten. Fortunately, I learned how to take back control of my thoughts… and my life. With proven coping techniques and mindfulness stress reduction  • Ways to understand that I am not my thoughts • Tools that helped me fall asleep and sleep through the night. I learned it, became an Integrative Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Trainer and overcame the anxiety and panic attacks that were taking control of my life.

I now teach and facilitate groups in a safe, confidential office of a leading psychologist right in Babylon Village.

I want to help you.

Call or text me now with any questions, or for a FREE consultation.

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369 East Main Street, Suite 7,  East Islip, New York 11730

Yours Truly, Lou                                                          

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