While everyone responds differently, these are some tips to help you stop a panic attack right now. When you come see me I will arm you with the best tools to stop panic from controlling your life. 

1)To Stop A Panic Attack – Sit down and put both feet on the ground.

2) Take a deep breath in for 3 seconds filling your stomach. Hold it.

3) Breathe out through your mouth as if you are blowing out a candle for 6 seconds.

4) Focus on a stable object

5) Repeat 1 – 4

If you already know this and it’s not enough. Call or text me 516.658.4149 (Lou). I will start helping you right over the phone.

One-On-One Private Sessions… and Panic & Anxiety Support Groups – Day & Night In Babylon Village

Let me help you overcome the panic that’s overtaking your life.

Every day I help people take back their lives through coping tools, Mindfulness Stress reduction, Biofeedback and even Hypnosis.  Tools that are proven to help.

I teach private and facilitate groups in a safe, confidential office of a leading neuropsychologist right in Babylon Village.

I will help you.

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