Worrying and obsessing over trying to get pregnant may                                                     cause such anxiety that it could keep you from conceiving.

Studies show relaxation therapy can help. 

In studies conducted by Alice Domar, PhD, at Harvard’s Mind Body Institute, women who underwent stress reduction therapy saw dramatic increases in their ability to get pregnant. In fact, even women who were undergoing fertility treatments had more successful outcomes when stress was under control. Another study conducted at Magee Women’s hospital in Pittsburgh by Sarah Burga, MD, linked stress to a condition known as functional hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA). Affecting some 5% of women in their reproductive years, it causes irregular or absent menstrual cycles. That’s why reducing your anxiety is so important for everyone, especially women trying to conceive.

Let us teach you proven stress reduction/relaxation techniques for conceiving.

Autogenic Biofeedback Training – This scientifically proven method can help lower your blood pressure, calm your heart rate and reduce your anxiety. Our trained biofeedback technician under the supervision of a neuropsychologist ensures a positive outlook, improving your chance of conception.

Mindfulness Meditation Training – The benefits of meditation have been known for thousands of years, and recently as a result of numerous studies done on mindfulness meditation by cognitive researchers, the anxiety reducing benefits have been proven successful time and time again in helping women conceive.

At Mindfulness Training we offer a personalized program for individuals and couples in the comfort of a private, confidential neuropsychology office.

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